Pedal Boat Barcelona. No better way to enjoy the city.

Boat Party Barcelona provides you with the most original and fun way to enjoy the coast of Barcelona: The Pedal Boat. This is a completely different boat to anything you’ve seen before, equiped with all the necessary to have fun. On board Pedal Boat Barcelona you will not go unnoticed!

Pedal Powered

Pedal Powered


Our pedal boat can move exclusively with the force of the pedals. We have an adjustable paddle wheel to vary the hardness of the pedal.

12 passengers

Up to 12 pax


We have capacity for 12 passengers and two crew members. The deck is wide enough for you to stop and take the best pictures of Barcelona’s beach.

Pedal Boat Music



This wouldn’t be a party if there wasn’t music. Pedal Boat Barcelona offers you the best selection of music from the hand of our DJ. You can also connect your own music via USB or Bluetooth.

Beer Boat Engine

Powerful engine


In addition our Pedal Boat counts on a motor of great power for those moments where the force weakens and it is necessary to reduce the pedal power.




Cycling under the sun can be thirsty, so Pedal Boat Barcelona has three high-capacity refrigerators filled with very cold beer and other drinks.


European certified


The boat complies with the highest European safety standards. Our Pedal Boat is the only one homologated and certified in Europe, a guarantee of quality and safety.

What you need to know:


Up to 12 pax

From 60 min.

From 324€

What is included:

1L of drink per person
Best selection of music
Our crew
Free entry to clubs

Do you want to start a new bussines?

Boat Party Barcelona can help you start your new adventure. The latest revolution in the world of leisure can be in your hands. Contact our team and we will inform you of everything you need. The Pedal Boat is a pedal powered boat. This means that all the strength made by your customers will be transferred to the shovel. No more than two people are needed to move the boat at a walking speed. Our boat is also equipped with a combustion engine for those sections where speed is necessary. Refrigerators and a complete music system will delight your customers while they enjoy a healthy and tremendously fun activity.

Join our family!

Party Boat Barcelona is the official distributor of Pedal Boats in the south of Europe.